Rare Treasure Coin Set (50)
Rare Treasure Coin Set (50)
Rare Treasure Coin Set (50)
Rare Treasure Coin Set (50)
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Rare Treasure Coin Set (50)

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Rare coins from different empires...

The Rare Treasure Set brings expensive Platinum coins and mysterious Electrum coins to your treasure chests, adding variety to your coin mix at the table. Our Platinum is super shiny to differentiate it from the Silver, and our Electrum is the blackest metal, forbidden coins from a fallen empire. 

This set has an even mix of both types in low-denominations, packed in a Black velvet bag with the Campaign Coins logo. 

The set contains the following 50 coins:

1-Electrum (x15) - 19 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
5-Electrum (x5) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
10-Electrum (x5) - 22 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
1-Platinum (x15) - 19 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
5-Platinum (x5) - 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thick
10-Platinum (x5) - 22 mm diameter, 2 mm thick

The 1-coins are round and the other coins have different shapes, making them easy to tell apart in play. The coins are real metal, made from an alloy with shiny platinum and black nickel plating.

The finish on these coins makes the detail harder to discern than our antique-plated copper, silver and gold coins. Platinum is a brilliant and reflective finish which dazzles in the light, whereas Electrum is dark and drags light into it. To help you identify them we have really worked hard on the shapes and outlines, and this set features a brand new version of our 10-Platinum coin with 12 sides.

All coins are designed by Dirty Rascal Games very own Art Director Lee Smith, from the Classic Fantasy range. 

Enjoy the shine of rare coins, but beware, some treasure comes with a price...

About RPG Treasure Sets

RPG Treasure Sets are designed to cover different stages of a fantasy roleplaying campaign. The sets are based around a standard gold piece economy, where 10 cp = 1 sp and 10 sp = 1 gp. Each set has a denominated coin mix chosen to help you make change at the table without running out of coins.

We recommend the Market Gold Set as the perfect mix of low gold coins. If you want to track copper and silver then the Tavern Change Set covers the lower currencies of copper ands silver, otherwise the next step up is to the Dungeon Gold Set for larger-denomination gold coins for bigger treasure hauls. The Rare Treasure Set is optional, but brings variety to your loot drops with platinum and electrum coins. All coins are also available in 10-packs as part of our Classic Fantasy range, if you want to customise your hoard. Happy adventuring!