No Vacancies
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No Vacancies

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No Vacancies is a roll and write game where you take on the role of a Caravan Park owner. Four parks compete against each other to build the most infrastructure, have the best attractions, book the most sites and attract the most customers.

This is achieved by rolling six dice three times and making the best combinations you can. As your park fills up allocating all dice becomes harder and unused dice means areas must be eliminated. Bonus cards can come in two ways. Firstly by completing a section of the park such as powered sites, unpowered sites, pool side sites, cabins, infrastructure or attractions. Secondly by matching all the sites listed on customer card.

When your board is complete or all the customers are taken the game comes to an end. Add up all acquired sites and bonus cards to determine the winner.

No Vacancies combines the chance of the roll, with the risk of pushing your luck for bigger and better rewards. Strategy comes in the choices between completing sections, chasing customers or going for the big attractions.



30-60 min



Dice, Travel

Dice Rolling, Re-rolling and Locking