Kids on Bikes Role Playing Game - Core Rule Book
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Kids on Bikes Role Playing Game - Core Rule Book

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In Kids on Bikes, you take on the roles of everyday people grappling with strange, terrifying, and very, very powerful forces that they cannot defeat, control, or even fully understand. Kids on Bikes even allows you to create a communally-controlled powered character to add another dimension of gameplay to your games!

The adventures of Kids on Bikes take place in small towns at any point in history before everyone had a camera phone that could catch video of a ghost or research an old creaky house in seconds using Google. Jump right into the action quickly, and create your own band of rag-tag mystery solvers today!

The core book features 80 pages of full-colour rules, illustrated with the exceptional style of Heather Vaughan. It also includes a sample module (Point Pleasant, New Jersey) to get you right in on the action and rules on how to introduce a powered-player into your game–because who knows when you may need a little extra help!