Kami-Sama - Spirit Way Expansion
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Kami-Sama - Spirit Way Expansion

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The thrill of the hunt... a winter's chill... the dreams we have... and even the radishes we enjoy. Each of these forces affect the world around us and are in fact personified by a spirit. These Kami work together to form the natural order of things, but each aspires for influence over those that worship them.

Kami-sama is a beautiful and intuitive strategy game set in rural Japan during the Edo period. You assume the role of one of the many Kami, the spirits of the land. Using a combination of asymmetrical powers, area control, set collection, pattern building, and light card drafting, you will work to balance your Favour with the people and your connection to Nature in order to be crowned Kami-sama, the chief deity of the land.

Kami-sama: Spirit Way contains expansion content for Kami-Sama. Featuring 4 all new Kami, and introducing 4 Merchant Villager cards to add to your game! 

Spirit Way requires Kami-sama to play.



60-90 min


Light - Medium

Mythology, Territory Building, Expansion

Action Points, Area Majority / Influence, Card Drafting, Pattern Building, Set Collection, Take That, Variable Player Powers