Excavation Earth: Pretty Boxes & Alternate Artefacts Promo Pack
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Excavation Earth: Pretty Boxes & Alternate Artefacts Promo Pack

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The Artifacts Promo Pack adds 2 sets of alternate artifacts tiles to Excavation Earth. A century from now, all that remains of humanity are the piles of garbage and detritus we left behind on a ruined Earth. Still - someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure! Collect the greatest artistic treasures and cash in big! The Promo Pack adds “Ancient Things” and “Things that Make Noises” to the game, as well as Pretty Boxes Artifacts, a new type of rare artifact that comes with the relevant rule card. Will you collect the prettiest artifacts?

In Excavation Earth, you complete themed sets of artifacts for your collection and work the black market to grab the elusive perfect artifact. Piece together the most exquisite collection of artefacts to make you the envy of every art connoisseur this side of the Andromeda galaxy! The player who manages to collect and sell their collection for the highest value wins!  

Requires Excavation Earth base game to play.



30-120 min



SCI-FI, Economic 

Hand Management, Market, Open Drafting, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection