Escape Room the Game: Escape Your House
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Escape Room the Game: Escape Your House

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Work together, solve riddles, and find keys. Turn your home into an Escape Room with the help of your family or friends! This game is perfect for family game night or as a gift for kids.

The Super Secret Spy Team (SSST) is an organisation that protects the world against dangers. One of the main characteristics of spies is that they go unnoticed. And what would be less noticeable than a sweet, innocent family or a bunch of keen friends? Which is exactly why the SSST is looking for people like you!

Take on the challenge of the Super Secret Spy Team (SSST) in 6 thrilling missions. In each mission, you have 15 minutes to escape your house. Work together to solve the puzzles which have been left across the house, so you'll ultimately locate the key for the door lock. This game includes an easy-to-use door lock & timer, which counts down from 15 minutes right when you hit start. Simply place the door lock onto your front door or the door handle of any room you’re in, and it will lock into place. In an emergency, you can use the door key if you are not able to solve the mystery in time. Use the area arrangement card, so you know exactly how to turn your home into a top-secret mission. With all these supplies on hand and a variety of mission options and puzzle cards, you will have everything you need for a family game night full of adventures. Get ready for a wild ride of solving puzzles, finishing missions, and of course… escaping your house!

Test not only your mind, but also your speed… because you only have a limited time. Finish one strategy game and wanting more? Simply move on to another mission.

The Super Secret Spy Team is always needed for the world’s most high-profile missions. Choose from one of six missions to uncover the mystery and unlock the door.



15-90 min



Deduction, Mystery, Puzzle

Cooperative Game, Deduction, Elapsed Real Time Ending