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In DrawBot, players take on the role of robot designers in the world-famous DrawBot Factory. They compete against each other to fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible - all in order to become the greatest designer in the Factory’s history!

DrawBot is a Roll & Write game in which all players take their actions simultaneously with the roll of the dice. Players aim to fulfill a customer’s order before anyone else by drawing on their factory sheet the available robot parts.

At the beginning of each turn, the Workshop Manager rolls the 4 dice that determine the pieces available for robot manufacturing. He or she chooses one that only they can use. This piece is in limited quantity; the Workshop Manager keeps it exclusively for themselves. The other players can take any die other than the Workshop Manager's die. The same die can be chosen by multiple players. This reflects that these robot parts are available in larger quantities!

As soon as the Workshop Manager has chosen a die, all players choose one action:

- DRAW: The player the piece represented on the dice he has chosen
- BOOST: The player uses 2 energies then draws any piece of their choice
- ACCUMULATE: The player does not draw anything and circles 1 energy

Players can only draw on the face in front of them. Before drawing, they can use 1 energy to turn their Factory Sheet to access the workstation of their choice. The Factory Sheet can do ¼ or ½ turn.

The first one to finish an ordered robot scores 3 points. When a customer’s order is fulfilled, the robot is removed and replaced with a new robot design. If a completed robot does not correspond or no longer corresponds to a customer’s order, it is worth only 1 point. If two players finish the same robot at the same time, this robot design is worth only 1 point!

The game ends the moment a designer finishes their 4th robot. They circle 1 bonus point for finishing first. At the end of the game, players score originality points. Each designer compares their four robots, including the unfinished ones. If pairs of robots having no symbol in common, the player scores 1 point. The designer with the most points wins!



20 min



Dice, Industry / Manufacturing, Robot

Dice Rolling, Paper-and-Pencil, Roll-and-Write